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Thread: Middle School at the Russian-American International School

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    Default Middle School at the Russian-American International School

    Middle School at the Russian-American International School

    We are extremely proud to announce that our school will offer 6th grade in 2013-2014 school year!
    That will be the beginning of a new Academy of Math and Science middle school.

    Where is the new school located?
    The 6th grade will be at our current location at 1250 Quintara Street. When RAIS moves to a new building (to be confirmed and announced in late March 2013), the middle school will be offered there.
    In other words, regardless of the school location, there WILL BE 6th grade next school year.

    Who can apply?
    Public and private school students with talent and passion for math and science who are currently in the fifth grade may apply.

    How many students will be in 6th grade?
    Minimum 1, maximum is 12 students in class.

    Will there be classes in Russian like in the elementary school?
    No. All subjects will be held in English, taught by highly professional and experienced English-speaking teachers. Russian will be offered as a foreign language, 4 classes a week.

    What are the admission requirements to enter 6th grade?
    Our current 5th graders are automatically admitted.
    For all other applicants: a strong academic record—that is, good grades (especially in math and science) and teacher recommendations. Students who will gain admission to RAIS’s 6th grade must earn A's or B’s in math and science classes in elementary school, and be above proficient on standardized test scores. Additionally, admitted students demonstrate a genuine passion for math and science.

    How do students apply to 6th grade?
    1) Admission begins on November 7th , 2012
    2) Applicants contact the school office to obtain an application form with student and parent information sections
    3) Complete the application form and return it to RAIS accompanied by a non-refundable $75.00 assessment fee.
    4) Come for the assessment: once your completed application and assessment fee have been received, RAIS contacts the family to schedule a day when their child comes to RAIS for a full school day to:
    o take English and Math test ( 30-45 minutes each), and
    o “shadow” our current 5th graders, which will provide a chance for the applicant to fully experience how our school works, and for the school faculty to observe the student to ensure he or she demonstrates high level of proficiency in English and Math.

    When is the deadline for applications?
    Applications are due December 26th, 2012

    What is the tuition for 6th grade?
    For applicants from other schools the monthly tuition will be $1250.00

    What are the school hours?
    The school day begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.

    May students apply as seventh, eighth or ninth graders?
    Due to the specialized curriculum only incoming sixth graders may apply.

    Russian-American International School
    1250 Quintara Street
    San Francisco, CA 94116
    Tel.(415) 665-5467

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    This is my first year of coaching x_country at our local middle schoolgrades6-. Ihave about 10 kids who run about a 6:20 pace for 2 miles. How many 400 repeats should they be able to do now and should I be able to work them up to 800s in about 4 weeks?

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