We are giving away 2 FREE Mummiy Troll Concert Tickets!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 8:00 PM
Black Cat Washington, DC

Contest Rules:
Create/Photoshop a new image that will contain the Mummiy Troll Flyer in an unexpected/funny/extraordinary manner, to portray what you think Mummiy Troll stands for/represents... or just make it funny

you MUST be a DC area resident to win. (that includes VA and MD)

Please look at the examples from the Zveri concert to get ideas of what is expected:

Email your submissions to [email protected]

the original image that must be included in your entries is:

Please have your pictures in by Saturday, August 1th
The Voting will take place Mon. 2nd through Saturday 7th.
Winner will be announced and contacted on Monday 9th.