Kinds of baths

There is " a bath in a suitcase ", developed by the Leningrad engineer A.Massarskim. The basic purpose of such original bath - reduction of weight at sportsmen, massaging of a body, fast removal hurt at some kinds of traumas. The essence of such bath consists in that. That as capacity where air is warmed up and the sportsman the inflatable awning which has been stuck together from two layers of a heat-resistant fabric is located use.
The awning is equipped by fasteners "lightning". The person gets inside of an awning, clasps "lightning", thus its head is outside, and the handle on the board creates a demanded temperature mode. Power supplies of such sauna are carried out from a usual electric network or the accumulator. The awning is equipped by ventilation, and the temperature inside of an awning reaches 130°С.
The "bath-case" invented fahrutdinovim represents the container from bars. Outside the container is sheathed by wooden boards, and inside covered by a foil. To reduce losses of heat space between walls of the container fill with sawdust. As a source of steam formation the electric furnace to which cold and hot water through special atomizers is brought serves. Steam formation is created with application of the flavored grasses. Soared lays on a shelf which rotates in various directions that it is better to warm up and промассировать a body. Паромассажная the chamber is executed to exclude breath by evaporations of a body and already перегретым air. The temperature is adjusted by means of the special relay and remote water delivery on the heated stones.
The bath "Dry wind" developed by Irkutsk inventor Belousovym, consists of two premises, in one of which is not present каменки, and sweat from a body is cleaned by jets of dry air, нагретого up to 140°С. In the second premise it is possible to be soared by a broom. The sweating room is supplied by the filters reducing humidity of air and reducing has begun to smell sweat. Besides the bath is supplied by special devices - the inhalers, enabling to breathe in pairs настоев from medicinal grasses.
Baths with sharp the ferry which goes on a pipe from a steam boiler possess lower temperature, than a usual bath. But in such bath the sensation of terrible heat is tested. It speaks that in such bath very damp air. Such air maintains not everyone, therefore sometimes to a pipe connect the coil laid through heated stones and by that provide more or less dry of pairs. And if such pairs to pass through aromatic medicines the advantage from банной procedures, undoubtedly, will raise.
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