We often hear by radio, on TV voice governor, deputy, high official, minister, members "public chamber"; "What, do?" with that and this in Country.
"It is Necessary constantly to repeat the TRUTH, since lie around us is too sermonized and not only alone, but also many!" (Gete)
That Country prospered, it is necessary to the full to take care, about her(its) People. Think that people want to he pertained on humanly and this the most equitable from desires. No showy nobility will not change the open-hearted nesses. The People always feel probity and despise the hypocrisy even more than greedy.

All we see that deputy, official, minister ed weak not work, which they were to execute, but official intrigues, creation powerful psychological and bureaucratic railings from people, creation to itself "person", fight for high position, high salary, cares about "rear", corruption and empty demagogy. All this weakening and degrading vice necessary reliable for border