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I've found a new way how to earn E-Gold. It's Obeus.com

Obeus.com is the democratic E-Gold PPC ads service.

Obeus allows to withdraw money starting from $1.

I tried to get my first payment at same day I've joined this site.
And they really paid me my $1.25
... and I got money within 2 hours (it's mentioned on the obeus.com that payments are made in 24

My second withdrawal was $30 on the 11th day :-P . I'm pleasured with this site!

Here is short description for Obeus.com:

- Full-controllable Ad block design.

- Tolerant policy: we accept sites of different size and popularity. We don't hide any rates and taxes, every user can access this information.

- Affiliate Program – get 40% bonus of any referred publisher earnings and 10% of any referred advertiser spends.

- Detailed earnings statistics.

- FREE Traffic counter and other additional features.

- Single account for advertiser and publisher – advertise your site and make money on it simultaneously.

- Fast and simple registration process.

- Sites Catalogue with review and rating system.

If you want to try it but don't know what is E-Gold, visit E-Gold.com.
You can withdraw E-Gold on any ATM (see mygcard.com for details).

hope this information really helps!
Have a nice day!