View Full Version : Russian Undeground Sound in US

02-02-2005, 07:01 PM

The new wave electro metal project "The Baltik Tea" from Orlando is looking for BAD RUSSIAN INDIVIDUALS, who play keyboard, drums, bass....do the drugs and Rock'n'roll. The Estethic of project is "AntiEverythingAction", no bull shit about love, no stupid smiling pretty faces.....NO POP AT ALL.... so if you think that LIFE is THEATRE and MUSIC IS ONLY ONE REASON TO BE ALIVE - you can contact me. Girls with RED musicalschool Diploma are welcome.....we'll do the rails on your document...........
By the way.....for free demo CD by "The Baltic Tea" or for SPONSORSHIP contact me 2
Phone 407 898 3098
again .....BAD RUSSIAN GIRLS 21-26 age who play piano are WELCOME