View Full Version : Comparing MS EULA to GPL

01-04-2005, 02:34 PM
http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&action=m&board=1600684464&tid=cald&sid= 1600684464&mid=219921

Very eye-opening to read an analysis of what you're really agreeing to. Some of the highlights:

- MSFT can modify content on your PC and it may not work afterwards

- MSFT can modify your operating system and things may not work afterwards

- If things do stop working and you lose your entire business, you can't sue MSFT

- MSFT can share information about you with other organizations provided it isn't personal data

- MSFT can snoop on your machine pretty much at will

- MSFT voids the covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

- You don't own the product, you're licensing it

- If it turns out MSFT "borrowed" certain intellectual property that didn't quite belong to them, you could be responsible and MSFT's only liability is the cost of the software or 5 dollars