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с которой исло-нацисты начинали Интифаду-2.
Профессор Ландес специализируется на разоблачении исторических мистификаций и подлогов. Начинал со средневековой истории. Но впоследствии перешёл к эпохальным обманам наших дней -наиболешее количество материала даёт пропагандистская машина ПА.

Boston Israel Action Committee presents

The Muhammad al Durah Affair: Insight into Western Civilization's Malfunctions in the 21st Century
Professor Richard Landes, Boston University

Monday, March 31, 2008, 7 PMNewton Public Library
330 Homer Street
Newton, MA 02459

People who followed Middle East news in 2000 cannot forget the image of Muhammad al Durah, allegedly gunned down by Israeli bullets at the very beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada. One extreme claims that it reveals Israeli malevolence and culpability in the death of this child. If we hope to learn anything from this terrible event, it will come from examination. Professor Landes will put the evidence before you and the five possible scenarios with arguments for and against.

Richard Landes is a Professor of Medieval History at Boston University. He wrote his first book on a series of forgeries that had fooled historians for centuries. In addition to his medieval interests, Landes is currently focusing on millennial and apocalyptic movements, and is completing a book entitled Б─°Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience.Б─² As part of this research he has been documenting the manipulation of the news media in the Middle East, which he has coined Б─°Pallywood.Б─²

Co-sponsors: The David Project, Temple Reyim

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понедельник трудный день... не думаю что об этом эвенте будет широкая реклама