View Full Version : Deja Vu - New club in Moscow, Russia !

Master Sergeant
04-26-2007, 10:39 AM
Spearmint Rhino club, closed about 3 months ago (February 2007), now re-opened at the same place, by the same management but under name of DEJA VU.
Deja Vu - New York style gentlemen's club is now open everyday from 20.00 to 06.00. This club is actually the one place where you don't need small change. There's nothing going on at your table; all the dances are of the privat type, at 1000 rubles for 2 or 3. So you just need the 1000s, plus some smaller bills for the tips (normaly 100 rubles).
Moscow. New Arbat. 17 Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky Pereulok (at the location of the legendary club Spearmint Rhino).
Telephones: +7 (495) 203-6363, 203-5040, 363-8897