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10-24-2006, 05:01 PM
Russian Boston Rock Club presents:

Russian Halloween Bash feat.
Touch Screen (Boston)
Zheka Koshmar & Ku-ku (Boston)

Saturday, October 28th, 2006
Middle East downstairs
480 Mass.Ave, Cambridge

For the last 5 years Russian Boston Rock Club brouth you a lot of great concert. We had guests from all over the world and we thank you for your companionship and appreciation.
This time we would like to introduce to you another awesome show from our local American-Russian bands.
Touch screen is Boston's based band that have musicians from Izolyator and Taylor Street. If you been to B-2 show, that was a band that warmed you up. They play some cover songs along with their own hits.

Zheka Koshmar is very popular musician, who played in Harkov Rock Club and known for his unique performance ona stage. Misha Rutman just joined him recently. Come and check it out for your self.

The Orphans is New York based band that have great musicians such as Misha Litvinenko and Zhenya Gavrilets. They sing in Russian and English and if you are interested in their music, come and check out website www.theorphans.us

We are going to give you some suprices along the show as well. But we guess you have to check it out your self.
So put on your Halloween costume and come to Middle East to have a great time with Russian community.

18+ ID a Must

General Admission: $10 with costume/$20 without costume

Contact: 617-513-0516 or russian_boston_rock_club@yahoo.com
Russian Boston Rock Club presents:


Billyís Band (SPB, Russia) Tom Waits Influenced

Friday, November 3rd show starts 9pm

Club Revolution
200 High St, Boston

The story of St.-Peteís trio The Billyís Band is a tale of a magnificent rise of self-made people to the deserved success and audienceís love. On the other hand, it is the case of a complete refutation of the most stagnated stereotypes, a chain of victories over conventions of the so-called Big Showbiz.
Until 2001 there was no The Billyís Band. There was a club named The Boom Brother with its Director, Billy Novik, a singer and a guitar player with a degree in pediatrics. The Art-Director of the club was Andrey Ryzhik,who also played the guitar. It was in the womb of this short-life club that The Billyís Band was born. Their first programs were a good mixture of Anglo-Saxon Folk, Country, scenes from Mr Tarantinoís movies and first cover versions of Tom Waitísí songs. Mr Novik was discovering Mr Waitís art very fastly during that time.
At about the same period Anton Matezius, an accordion-player, joined the band. The three had various experiences of working on musical projects of all sorts. However, none of them had any substantial project in their portfolio. Actually, they hadnít even thought about it. It just happened that once upon a time the guys were invited by friends to play in German clubs, where a revelation came to them they were a band. A band with a rather eccentric and maybe even unique sound palette: Mr Ryzhikís electric guitar with its sometimes classical hard-rock and sometimes strange, grabbing on the ear sounds. Mr Mateziusí accordion that reminds of for tunes by Yan Thirssen and Andrey Petrov. Billy Novikís hoarse voice so incompatible with his look of a young intellectual until the moment you see him at one of the bandís concerts.
It happened that Mr Novik became a vocalist and a rhythm-section wrapped in one. He started to accompany himself on the contrabass, tapping with his leg on the tambourine that was on the floor. That so-called street formula, picked up from the Berlin and Munich street musicians, was successfully transferred on-stage in St.Pete and shocked the local clubbing public. Above all, the trio was a naturally looking street theatre: Mr Ryzhik with his jumping-up ability and palm-like hairdo, romantic Mr Matezius in a tailcoat and Mr Novik, a brutal outsider wearing a hat.
Being Tom Waits was the first experience for The Billyís Band to make its own unofficial album. Some tracks were the guysí first original songs. The Paris Seasons was the real and serious debut in sound recording. The album was fully stuffed with A. Ryzhik, A. Matezius and B. Novik authorís songs, written during the bandís adventurous visit to Paris. The album was a superb combination of City Folklore with distinct St.Peteís flavor, American Blues and Saloon Swing. Songs were followed by short instrumental air plays and Mr Novikís soliloquies. Famous St.Peteís jazz musicians who gave a hand to The Billyís Band for studio sound recording were later united into The Billyís Big Band a special band for big-performance concerts. The Paris Seasons were followed by a year of exhausting concerts tours all through Moscow and St.Pete stages. As a result the band recorded a concert album named Postcard fromÖ. Plus, a studio record of A Bit of Death a Bit of Love, a sort of a summarizing album, for which the very first bandís songs were restored and re-recorded. Moreover, the band became popular thanks to radio and TV broadcasts of cover-versions of Poezd v Ogne by Boris Grebenshchikov and Winter Dream by Alsu. The latter was sung during the very first minutes of the New Year 2004, just after President Putinís congratulations, on Federal Channel NTV. The Billyís Band from now on is the most on-demand band of the two capitals. They got a number of prestigious awards, like the one of Nashe Radio ŌÓŠÓroll and Night Life Award 2004
Just think all that happened with a band that had no contract with any leading record-label, no sponsors, no videos except a comic-style video Winter Dream shot by St.Peteís friends from the art-group named Purga. The main idea of The Billyís Band is DO IT YOURSELF. Like the first punk bands of the 70ís, the guys record, design, release, distribute and promote their albums themselves. They are also totally responsible for the management of concerts. The Billyís Band looks at their new album Having Fun St.-Pete Style signed for release with a major recording company Grand Records as an experiment: can we also be a part of Big Showbiz? The album was sold with record sales figures. Meanwhile, an ironic thriller All Night Shop Assistant was shown in lots of movie theatres. The sound track for the movie was completed by The Billyís Band. The short-term plans of the band include release of several videos, a concert DVD, re-release of the old albums with bonus tracks, and final legitimization of relation with Tom Waits. They want to make a sound track accompanying the performance Being Tom Waits, which is sold out every night both in Moscow and St.Petersburg. From their point of view, the bandís biggest achievement for the day is its being independent, self-driven in taking decisions without marching abreast with anyone or becoming part of the main stream.
They still call themselves Funeral Dixieland with An Infinite Happy End and they are convinced that the key to success is to be always in a state of becoming. As Billy says ďNo dog pisses on a car driving at full speedĒ.

21+ ID required
Tickets $25 / $35 at the door.

Tickets and info at:

Solomon 781-593-1405 or www.masstusovka.com

Contact: 617-513-0516 or russian_boston_rock_club@yahoo.com

01-29-2007, 01:17 PM
Zheka Koshmar & Ku-ku (Boston)

Khm...u nego bilo neskol'ko ochen interesnix kompozizi vkyuchaya pesnyu "koshmarnaya" - u nego est CD(s)?