View Full Version : Please help to save my daughter...

07-25-2006, 09:08 AM
My name is Anna Lebedeva. I'm live in Russia, Rostovska obl. Please help us.
On last week my daughter has got in a road accident. Thank God she is survive. At a fixed date need operation on legs. Operation cost $5000. Doctors has told that if operation omit to do she is never can go. I have sold everything, that could, but that not enough. On operation does not suffice $1100. I beg you to help accumulate necessary amount of money! how many you can please...

I has registered a PayPal account: anna.leb@hotmail.com
First name: Anna
Second name: Lebedeva

P.S Name of my daughter is Lena. She is 14.
Sorry for my english.

God will never forget you.