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07-23-2006, 05:03 AM
Dear moderators.
Do not delete this message please. This is not a fake, all absolutely legal!

Good day.
Please, spare me 5 minutes and read to the end. I'm sure you will not regret.
I wish to tell you how to earn big bucks. Carefully read next information.
To start earn you need $5 for transferring it to E-Gold accounts. Not too a greater sum, is not that so?
In a week you will earn in 200 times more!
It is necessary for you to transfer $1 on each of e-gold accounts:
1) 3424320 - $1 >
2) 2513753 - $1 > >
3) 3424356 - $1 > > > = $5
4) 3424772 - $1 > >
5) 3425631 - $1 >
Create the text document and copy this post into it. Now you need to edit the list of accounts.
Insert your E-Gold account number on the first place having moved other e-gold accounts on one position downwards as shown below:
1) There is your E-Gold account number
2) 3424320
3) 2513753
4) 3424356
5) 3424772
Attention: Now publish the changed post at ~100 forums or bulletin boards.
You may done this work at one day or may publish 10-15 messages per day (approximately 20-30 minutes during the day) then this work will take 10 days up.
Want more than $10000? - Then remember one rule: more publications - more money. You also can invite your siblings and friends.
Do you wish to know how this system works? Then listen next.
The system based by a principle of a people's pyramid. Let's suppose your published hundred offers will become interested 10 peoples. They joining to system and pay you $10. You moved to 2nd position in account list. They will place 1000 offers (10 peoples*100 offers per people). If from 1000 offers will become interested only 100 peoples you get $100. Your E-Gold account number going to 3th position. This 100 peoples also publish the offers and you get $1000. On the 4th position your earnings will be $10000! At last your E-Gold account number moved to 5 position. On this position you may get extra earnings, theoretically. But in the real at least $10000-12000 (ten thousand dollars-twelve thousand dollars) guaranteed for you.

P.S And at last i want to tell couple words about me. When I have learned about this system, I have concerned to it with mistrust but I have decided to check up how it works. I was surprised when I have received my first $35 at next day. In a weekend this sum had grown up to 565$. At the end of the month I'm purchased a new car for 12500 dollars!!! Just try! You don't risk anything!