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10-17-2005, 11:58 PM
Russian Boston Rock Club & masstusovka.com presents:



Friday, October 28th @8pm

Middle East downstairs (472-480 Mass. Ave, Cambridge)

On the to-do list for Leningrad frontman Sergey Shnurov: drinking, cursing, tapping into the post-Soviet zeitgeist -Chicago Reader

"Leningrad," a controversial and critically acclaimed St. Petersburg ska-punk band, offers welcome relief from the Russian pop scene... The band's explicit lyrics are a major problem: ...the mayor of Moscow, has banned the group from stadium performances there.
The New York Times

This could be the most profoundly Russian stuff ever. You can't ask for authenticity more pungent - Village Voice

18+ ID required

Tickets: $40 before/ $50 day of the show @
Teatralnaya Kassa 617-975-3454
Solomon 781-593-1405
Book World 617-739-5768
Petropol 617-232-8820

More info: 617-513-0516 or Russian_boston_rock_club@yahoo.com

Grand Opening of Russian Saturdays at ARIA: Halloween Bash!

Saturday, October 29th @ 11pm

Grand Opening of Russian Saturdays in ARIA :HALLOWEEN BASH
(246 Tremont St, Boston)

Saturday, October 29th @11pm

We are happy to invite you back to Prestige Russian Saturdays at club ARIA!
And this time it's Re-Opening on HALLOWEEN!
Find a best costume in town and come on to the craziest party of the year!

Prestige Russian Night in legendary club are back!
Best place to go on Saturday night!
Two rooms with different style of music. Russian & Euro House Music.

Get to the club by 11pm because it will be OVER CAPACITY!

Boston's Best Russian DJ's will play your favorite Russian and Euro House & Pop music for you!

Ladies 19+ with proper college ID/ Gents 21+
ID required
Face Control
Chic Dress

$10 on a list/ $20admission

Contact: 617-513-0516 or masstusovka2004@yahoo.com
Tel: (617) 513-0516
E-mail: masstusovka2004@yahoo.com

Russian Boston Rock Club & masstusovka.com presents:

5’Nizza with Markscheider Kunst

Friday, December 2nd @8pm

Middle East downstairs (472-480 Mass. Ave, Cambridge)

Дуэт широко известен на всей территории бывшего СССР, однако для тех, кто впервые услышал это название, стоит рассказать об этом творческом тандеме подробнее. Группа создана в Харькове в 1995 году еще в тинейджерскую пору будущих лидеров 5'nizzza Сергея Бабкина (Отец Родной) и Андрея Запорожца (Сан).

Творчество коллектива часто определяют как реггей. При желании несложно обнаружить ragga, latino, mock, hop и др. направления. Учитывая и музыкальную и поэтическую эклектичность 5'Nizza, стилистическая бирка могла бы звучать как: постмодернистское КСП с ямайским уклоном. Их два четко управляемых голоса и одна акустическая гитара создали уникальный для нашей сцены звук, который сразу оценили многочисленные поклонники. Теперь у 5'Nizza 3 альбома на троих: сольник Сергея Бабкина "Ура!" , дебютный альбом группы "Пятница" и недавно вышедший "О5" .

Tickets: $35 before/ $45 day of the show @

Teatralnaya Kassa 617-975-3454
Solomon 781-593-1405
Book World 617-739-5768
Petropol 617-232-8820

18+ ID required

More info: 617-513-0516 or Russian_boston_rock_club@yahoo.com

Concert of GYPSY band VIA-ROMEN at KAROUN restaurant

839 Washington St, Newton

Sunday, November 13th at 7pm

Led by the lead guitarist and artist of the Moscow Gypsy Theater Romen, Vadim Kolpakov, VIA ROMEN is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The group specializes in the traditional songs and dances of the Russian Roma (Gypsy) tradition. Their repertoire includes fiery Gypsy melodies, lyrical romans, instrumental music and Russian Gypsy dances. Vadim Kolpakov, who has been steeped in the tradition from childhood, plays the Russian 7-string guitar, sings and dances. He has toured extensively in the USA and Europe, including such venues as Carnegie Hall, Harvard University, Colony Theater (Miami, FL), Kennedy Center Concert Hall (Washington D.C.) and others.

Anne Harley is a singer specializing in music of the Russian Baroque, Russian Roma and contemporary composers. She has performed nationally and internationally with groups such as TALISMAN, the American Repertory Theater, Boston Camerata, Handel and Haydn, Opera Noord Holland Noord, and Opera Boston.

Alexander Prokhorov, originally from Russia, has a master of Music Degree from Longy School of music and recently graduated 2004 from Boston University’s Opera Institute. Alexander appears regularly with Boston Early Music Festival, Handel&Haydn Society, Boston Lyric Opera and other New England opera companies. These days, Alexander is combining concert and performance career with teaching and vocal coaching in the Boston area.

Yekaterina Bolotovskaya, singer, originally from Russia. Since 1999 she has been a member and soloist of Boston Russian Chorus.

Tickets and Info: 617-513-0516 or www.masstusovka.com $20 with reservation

(275 Tremont St, Boston)

Every Friday Night @ 10pm

On behalf of Global Entertainment Group let us welcome you to the NEW
DESTINATION for the Russian and International community in Boston -
come and party to the re-energized International "OPIUM" Fridays on the 2nd
floor at Caprice. Relax after a stressful week in the no-pressure atmosphere, grab a
drink, hang out with your old friends, make new ones, dance, mingle, or just
play pool and follow the good beats.

Enjoy 2 full bars and a pool room upstairs or come explore the downstairs,
if you wish - Caprice has so much to offer, it will suit any mood and please
any taste. Best DJs will spin latest Russian and International Dance and
Club House Hits all night long. You're going to love this!

Doors Open: 10 PM - 2 AM
Age: 21+
Proper Dress and ID Required
Face Control enforced
No Drugs
Guest List line privileges
FREE Admission

For guest list and table reservations please call:
(617) 513-0516 or masstusovka2004@yahoo.com

More info coming up for:

DDT, Splean

More info coming soon!

10-21-2005, 04:05 PM
сходить что ли... или не ходить...

10-28-2005, 05:12 PM
через два часа начало концерта!!!
вы как хотите, а я уже оделся.))
если кто-нить встретит вот этого http://www.ljplus.ru/img/c/k/ckayt_ua/Image010.jpg
молодого человека, то можете поздороваться. это я) зовут Дима)
и так, с кем найдемся, с кем нет, а пока что я пою: "ай-яй-яй-яй-яй... я распиииисдяй"..

10-29-2005, 09:01 PM
это было сверхох..нно!!!!!!!!

11-08-2005, 05:57 PM
Вот фотки из Бостона и Нью Йорка. Зажиг был невменяемый.