View Full Version : September 3d

08-25-2005, 04:06 PM
We are back September 3 (http://www.loungecultureonline.com/Blueprint/Module/Desktop/Announcements/ViewAnnouncement.aspx?ItemID=896&mid=145&tabId=57&tabIndex=0&portalId=5) Last Star Night of the Summer (http://www.loungecultureonline.com/Blueprint/Module/Desktop/Announcements/ViewAnnouncement.aspx?ItemID=882&mid=145&tabId=57&tabIndex=0&portalId=5)

For those who know, we will rock this great venue. For those who DO NOT KNOW, join this Saturday to LIFE IN STYLE with Lounge Culture and impressive DJ line up who will play tempo lounge, latin jazz and dance, samba specials, hip-hop and reggaeton, international dance and anything which will make you head spin